Thursday, 12 December 2013

not just a little things

it's words, which I write before sleep tight in the night
every 'little things' that we never think
every 'little things' that we never feel
that's an only 'little things' (according to me)

someday when we understand that it's more than 'little things'
and we understand that someone is more than 'little things'
and we regret never feel and understand it before

when someone always there in our mind
when someone always can make us smile though he didn't in front of us
it's means that he more than 'little things'

when the condition is impossible to feel
when the condition force me to silent
and I don't know what can I do at that time

it's not a 'little things' cause it's involve two people with their two hearts
and I can't play the game

oh help me help me
let me do something which can make me happy
let me say anythings honestly
let me do anything I like to do
let me get my happiness after my rain
but I can't
I still can't do anything right now
cause it's not just a little 'things'

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